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Element Eden was born from the desire to make a difference. Based around the advocate program, our mission is to inspire girls to follow their own path and to find a different perspective from the old standard. Genuine, creative, and passionate, Element Eden lets you express yourself without saying a word. You are what you wear because you wear what you are.

The Element Eden Story

It was during the famous Dog Town era of the 70s that Element founder, Johnny Schillereff first encountered the world of skateboarding through his older sister Jackie and her hand-me-down skateboard. Already an avid skateboarder by the age of five, Johnny delved into an array of different sub-cultures as he got older. These underworlds became his home, and the common thread among them was always skateboarding. Drawing on this eclectic background, as well as an unwavering passion for making a positive difference in the world, Johnny founded Element in the early 90's and created the famous Element Tree Logo.

By the time Element was born, the women's skateboard scene had nearly completely died out, but Johnny never forgot that his sister was the one who introduced him to his calling. In the late 90s, another small resurgence in women's skateboarding found little support from the industry-but because of Element's deeper roots, it was clear that it was their responsibility to take a stance and reinforce this movement. In the year 1999 (and with much inner-industry criticism) Element boldly launched the first legitimate girls clothing line in skateboarding. Shortly after, the company made another daring move by turning team-rider Vanessa Torres pro. Torres went on to receive Element's first female signature pro-model board and became both a world champion and a household name.

Dubbed Element Eden, Element's women's clothing line was originally created by Johnny's wife, Kori. She was inspired by a lack of savvy women's apparel designed for a lifestyle both on and off a skateboard. Kori conceived Element Eden mainly for girls like herself-who didn't necessarily skate, but who populated the skate community and had a passion for fashion and the brand. However, it's the line's broad reach and fresh looks inclusive to all women that have proven crucial to Element Eden's success over the years.

By 2002, Element had taken a leadership role in the industry and began working closely with influential girls within the community.

These individuals were our first Eden Advocates and helped shape the ideas of Element Eden as it is today; these girls were artists in every sense of the word. It was their passion and talent, their relationships, and Element's commitment to them that set the tone and helped create a new idea of what it meant, to a part of the industry. The Element Eden Advocates opened doors and reshaped the industry standard of just participating and competing in action sports. From there, Element Eden grew organically and stuck to the brand's roots and Advocate program.

Element Eden Advocates are a team of crafts women, including artists, musicians, filmmakers, social activists, environmentalists, poets, designers, skaters and many other creative and inspiring individuals. The goal of the program is to inspire, as well as presenting a broader and more realistic definition of what it means to be a woman-something with real substance and depth. This more balanced view of the female perspective inspires younger generations and allows Element to forever flourish and adapt with each Advocate.

The Element Eden line has been growing and evolving leaps and bounds since it's inception and has expanded its range to include all product categories. It now appeals to a wider customer base than ever before, and is truly timeless clothing that speaks to any girl who wants unique designs from a company they can relate to.

Based in Southern California, Element Eden is now one of the world's leading women's youth lifestyle brands. It continues to lead the way by creating art, messages, and product with the constant goal of making a difference in our world. Element Eden represents positive and enduring lifestyle product, and our Advocates-past, present and future-are among the most talented and inspiring women of today.