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No more store bought this season!

TIS THE SEASON... To not be the one who shows up to all of your upcoming festivities empty handed. Don't be "that person" that the store bought fruit cake every year and calls it a done deal.

Now's your chance to do away with all of the fruit cakes and try these simple home made recipes that will result in happy tummies and hearts!

This is my uncles famous homemade apple pie recipe that even has Johnny Apple Seed's stamp of approval!
If you want to REALLY want to leave people drooling, match it with a scoop...or two, of home made vanilla bean ice cream!

The famous Ham and Cheddar rolls:

This recipe is what keeps everyone coming back for more more more! Since I can remember, people have always been begging for my mom's famous Ham and Cheddar rolls. These little nuggets of cheesy goodness melt in your mouth and go perfect for just about any occasion. The dough is a simple recipe that you can do so much with! The recipe shown below is the sweet roll dough that you can add anything to, to cater to your liking... Adding walnuts and cranberries is another great choice... its very versatile!