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Nick Garcia Polaroid Short Sleeve Te



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Commit to the authentic and the original. The Garcia Short Sleeve is a product of six skate influencers, coming together in the Element Perspective Supported by Polaroid Originals Project. The project documents the daily life of photographers Brian Gaberman And Fred Mortagne, and Professional Riders Nick Garcia, Brandon Westgate, Nassim Guammaz and Jaakko Ojanen. Made with durable, 18/1’s, 6oz open end jersey, the short sleeve t-shirt features a curated photo print at the chest and special edition logo print at the sleeve.

Product Features

    • 100% cotton.


    The Element Perspective brings together creatives from around the world for a visual collective sharing a common camera, the Canon AE-1, each person’s unique photograph is presented on a tee. The story continues to unfold, as with every installment a new individual is announced, creating a gallery of unique visions and compelling imagery.

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