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Winterized Twig 7.6" Skateboard Deck



  • CAD $72.21 84.95

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Slide into the season ahead with chilled-out graphics and a slick bottom construction. Made from 7-ply, premium maple wood, the 7.6” width “Twig” design skate deck delivers durable, lightweight performance.

Sizing Grid

Width 7.625"
Length 30.25"
Wheelbase 13.25"
Nose 6.5"
Tail 6.375"

Product Features

  • Slick

    WINTERIZED SLICK (TWIG) Watch for the snow to "melt" away!
    As you boardslide the bottom top layer of the graphic is scraped away revealing the printed icon underneath.


    Scaled Down For Shorter Riders.
    Shorter Wheelbase For Proper Stance. 100% USA Grown Hard Maple.

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