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As skateboarders we are accustomed to change; it's what fuels us, keeps us moving and progressing. The fact that we have no rules- no courts or fields to constrain us, gives us an adaptability which ensures our prolonged existence. 

SKATEBOARDER Magazine has truly changed the game by launching a free digital version of their magazine for web and tablet; simultaneously scraping the subscription-based print mag, and replacing it with a collectable retail-only mag. In a rad multi-media fusion, this new innovative online platform incorporates video and audio into it's articles for a guaranteed user-friendly experience. After its creation almost 50 years ago as the first skateboard publication, SKATEBOARDER continues to push the envelope for today's skateboard audience. Head over to their website here to view the whole mag, and download the App for your tablet. 


Read, Listen, Watch- The new Skateboarder Magazine is truly innovative

Want to see Evan land that massive Kickflip featured in the newest Skateboarder? Just click the play button and "The Evan Smith Experience" teaser pops up.