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Element "Zygote" VIDEO

Headlined by Evan Smith and Mason Silva, “Zygote” features the collective power and prowess of the Element team . The eleven-minute video is accompanied by a three board series honoring the birth of a new era of team riders bound by their love of skateboarding and worldly adventure.

Includes appearances by Nyjah Huston, Brandon Westgate, Mark Appleyard, Nick Garcia, Julian Davidson, Greyson Fletcher, Madars Apse, Chad Tim Tim, Levi Brown, Ray Barbee, Dominick Walker, Nassim Guammaz, Chris Colbourn, Ethan Loy, Tom Schaar, Sascha Daley, Dennis Durrant, Alex Lawton, Jarne Verbruggen, Jacopo Carozzi and Jaakko Ojanen.

"Zygote" boards are available at the following retailers:

Active Ride Shop - CA

Alive and Well - WA

Four Winds Inc. - CA

Awake Skate Shop - CA

Eastern Skateboards - NC

Evo Gear - WA

Escapist Skateboarding - MO

Fairman's - PA

Jacks - CA

Longs's Board Shop - ME

Skate Warehouse - CA

Skatepark of Tampa - FL

Smokin J's Skateboard - OR

Subsect Skateboards - IA

Efuego Corp. - OR

The Saturday Warehouse - NC

Ultimate Skateboard Dist - CN