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Welcome to my world. These postings will be a window into the jumble of things I consider awesome and important when I’m not out photographing. From time to time i’ll be making updates about my day to day life and activities on the small scale farm property I call home.

I work hard to provide a healthy, creative, and inspiring life and environment for my family, and I’m grateful to be able to share what I’ve learned and am learning everyday with you. As with any journey, failures and success’ are equally important and I’ve had my share of both. It’s all part of the fun.

The big project lately has been the construction of a new glass greenhouse made entirely of recycled windows from the local dump. The only new materials are some of the framing materials. In here, I’ll produce all my own vegetable starts, rotate meat rabbits through periodically to raise the ambient temperature on cold nights, rotate chickens through to help compost the rabbit droppings, grow more tender perennial plants (if only I could actually get an avocado tree to survive these frosts), and spend many a long rainy day propagating fruit trees and other plants that will slowly fill in my landscape. We started 4 years ago with a more or less barren plot of land and have been working tirelessly to transform it, using permaculture methods, into a place in which everywhere you turn, there will be something to eat.

Spring is here so I’ll see ya soon.


Element Advocate Brian Gaberman is based in Sebastopol, CA. See his bio and more imagery here.