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The Dirtbag Manifesto

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what it means to live a full life, and I’ve come to a few conclusions. I don’t think a “good life” is the prize for racking up laundry list of accomplishments. I don’t think it’s a title we get to award ourselves for having the most, seeing the most or even doing the most. No, a full life isn’t the result of defining moments—it’s the culmination of every single little moment that made the whole big thing up. It’s how you live the seemingly insignificant moments, the boring days, that determines how you live your life as a whole. So don’t waste the little things—appreciate them. Don’t get consumed with planning what’s next. In fact, throw away the roadmap.  Learn to live everyday adventurously.


I created this manifesto for anyone who lives their adventure in the great outdoors, and I couldn’t think of a better place to debut it than right here on the Element Eden blog. I hope it rings true for you, too.





The Dirtbag Manifesto


I believe that being called a “dirtbag” is a compliment

And that the best nights are the ones spent under the stars

Or in the back of a van

Or next to a river.


I believe in freckles, sunburns and laugh lines

If it means I get to spend a few more minutes in the sun.

I believe in letting my hands get dirty

And my hair stay salty

And in spending more money on the things I love than the things “they” say I need.

I’ll get more use out of wetsuits and hiking boots anyway.


I believe that food tastes better when you cook it over a fire

I believe in the power of a big breakfast

And drinking a whole lot of water.

I also believe that energy bars count as a gourmet meal after a long day.


I refuse to believe that hiking, surfing, paddling and climbing will ever go out of style

Just like I don’t believe that loving nature is a fad

Or camping is a trend

(And don’t even get me started on “glamping”).


I believe in taking risks

And that broken bones and bloody hands are just time-outs.

But I also believe in taking care of my body (because I only get one).

I believe in old friends, new faces, plane tickets and worn out trails

And that getting lost is never a waste of time.


I believe every day is a chance for something new

That the best memories are the ones that haven’t happened yet

And that there’s always a bigger challenge out there. Waiting.


Most of all, I believe that a life full of adventure

Is truly a life well lived.

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