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Road Trip Essentials By Guest Bloggers Calypso Letters

We're about to be separated by 3,000 miles when Johnie leaves Philadelphia for Los Angeles.  Between packing up shoes and saying our goodbyes, we've been brushing up on one of the greatest American traditions: The Road Trip.  From Dennis Hopper's motorcycle journey in Easy Rider to the "What d'you do?!" line in  Tommy Boy, we can't stop watching classic road trip films, which got us thinking about the essentials.   Here–in addition to our picks above–our list of "must haves" for any good (or at least tolerable) road trip:

1. A Good Book- Hopefully you won't be the one driving all the way from LA to New Orleans.  Invest in a good book (or two).  Cracker Barrel also lends out books on tape that you can return at your next Cracker Barrel–genius!

2. A Towel- You never know when you might find a water park/ swimming hole/ rope swing/ hot spring.

3. Pepper Spray- Have you ever seen Wolf Creek?  Case closed.

4. A Map- The last thing you want to do is rely solely on your GPS unit (lost signals and wrong turns are just the tip of the iceberg).  Bring a map, and if you can't read one, learn!

5. Cheese Balls- We suggest the "more cheese balls than you could ever possibly need" bucket from Target.

What would you bring?  Tell us below!

XO- Esther and Johnie

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