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Paintbrush to Dish Sponge by Guest Blogger Brooke Kelley

Seeing as it was my first day working in the Paint Box Café, I thought I should stick to dish washing as much as possible. My mom’s words from when I was younger still rang in my head… “pretend as if the queen herself were eating off of those dishes!”… easy enough, I could do that!

Even though my fingers had turned into wrinkly raisins, it was a nice change on my calloused hands from all of the painting and hot glue gun burns I put them through every day. But I could not help but to wonder if I had gone mad… trading in my paintbrush for a spatula and sponge?! Then I reminded myself that I would not rather be anywhere else in the world, than at that sink washing dishes in that building. My mom has this ability to make anyone and everyone feel at peace when they are around her. To feel welcome, at home, and safe.

This Café is so much more than a place to fill your tummy; it has become a place to fill your soul... From the inside out. It is a place for people to gather together, build relationships, and to chitchat about the used to bes, has been and the things to come. Its nice to allow yourself to be pulled away from the busyness of the world, and take in what is really important and worth investing in. So for now, the art demands will have to wait… I have dishes to wash!