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Ode to Top Knot

The top knot. The messy bun. Whatever you call it, I’m betting you’ve rocked one at some point—that little pile of hair at the top of your head, all held together by an elastic. What would we do with it?

So this is my ode to the top knot, a secret weapon among women that allows us to skip washing our hair for days on end, breakup with our blow dryers and jump in the ocean without worrying what we’ll look like later. We love you.

Tips for Rocking the Top Knot:

  • Let your hair air dry before you put it up in a bun. Wet hair + elastic= breakage. And breakage=no bueno.
  • For beachy waves later, spritz some sea salt spray onto hair before twisting into a bun…or better yet, go for a surf.
  • Keep hair healthy by making a DIY leave-in conditioner: Mix one part coconut oil with three parts water in a spray bottle (mine is from the dollar store), and mist your hair before you put it up.
  • The top knot can be dressy, too. Add a flower, a bunch of tiny braids, or French braid the underside of your head. Instant hotness without all the fuss.


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