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New Guest Blogger!!!

Well folks, it’s that time again!!!

With a world full of wonderful and creative ladies working hard to grow in their passions, we over at Element Eden wish we could meet them all! So we’ve begun the hunt to feature inspiring women as guest bloggers, with the typed words coming straight from their hands!  Once a month Eden will begin featuring these amazing guests.  Starting with friends we already know and support, we will continue to grow and share the knowledge as we meet many more to be featured along the way… Big hug to our first guest, Valerie of big time fashion blog BleachBlack!

Who’s second?

TV personality, musician, singer, and full on performer, raised in the lovely United Kingdom! Her talents compliment her indescribable energy and contagious attitude and amazing ability to balance, confidence, composure and mischief.  Bringing her free spirit and strong abilities to the land of L.A. we were lucky enough to discover her and deem this amazing woman an Element Eden Advocate!

I am pleased to present to you ________________!

Stay tuned, the mystery guest will be unveiled Monday through her personal posting on the Eden blog.