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Thanks to everyone that came out to the “Keep Discovering” Element Day at South Coast Plaza on Saturday. It was a hot one, but a ton of fun. Click Here to see a full set of images on Flickr.

There was an interactive mural going on all day by Element Advocates Mike Kershnar and Brooke Kelley. It was amazing to see their creativity spill onto the canvases right in front of our eyes!

The NO BOARD LEFT BEHIND Chop Shop was going all day, and we could barely keep up with how many boards you guys brought by! Jared and Cody Hager were flying through saw blades, and putting new cruisers together. In the end, we saved a lot of old boards from the trash, and everyone has some happy cruisers now.

Ray Barbee was on hand teaching a guitar workshop, jamming one on one with the kids. And eventually Ray and Evan Smith put on a show, playing together. Fender graciously supplied the guitars, and headphones by WESC. Thanks so much, and look for future clinics by Ray!

Element Eden had a huge presence too, as the girls were making bracelets from recycled shirts, and all sorts of cool arts and crafts going on

And lastly, the main event. The game of SKATE went all day, and was insane! In the end it was Jerrell Ware who battled it out, round after round, and took the final win and $500 cash. Congrats Jerrell!

The day closed out with a signing by the team in Beachworks and a group dinner with all the Element family and friends.

Thanks again to everyone for coming out. We’ll see you next year! Keep Discovering.

Click Here to see a full set of images on Flickr.