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In my element: Meet Katie of The-Style-Riot

Katie Arnold is an innovative fashion blogger and jewelry designer who lives by the mantra "rules are meant to be broken." Shortly after graduating from college with a degree in Public Relations, Katie moved to New York where she worked in the world of fashion and entertainment. Now back in her native Southern California, she runs a popular fashion blog, The Style Riot, and recently launched her own free-spirited jewelry line, Moon Rock Jewelry.

Katie! Tell us about some current projects you have going on at the moment! 

I recently quit my job to focus on nothing but entrepreneurial projects! I run a fashion blog, The Style Riot, and recently launched a jewelry line, Moon Rock Jewelry. I also do freelance styling for photoshoots and wardrobe consulting for personal clients. I'm so lucky!!! (And busy!)


How did you come up with the name Moon Rock? 

First of all, it blows my mind that we are living on this gigantic rock called Earth, orbiting in an ever-expanding, insanely complex universe. When I look at the moon, I'm reminded that I'm not the center of it all and that there is a meaning to life beyond my own self-fulfillment. Hence, Moon Rock was born as a way to create something valuable to share with the world! Moon Rock is a modern-luxe, free-spirited jewelry line, specializing in high-quality, handmade statement pieces, and we give 10% of proceeds to charity!

What inspires you?
Outer Space, freedom, and genuine human connection

What has your journey looked like that has led you to the here and now?
It's been a lot of trial and error! I learn by doing so I've made a lot of career jumps that seemed haphazard at the time but make more sense in retrospect. I've learned that the seemingly random skills and experience we accumulate along the way go into a reserve bank that you can pull from in the future. Nothing is wasted!

What inspires you for your day to day outfits?
Usually how I'm feeling in the morning and whatever my day has in store! If I'm going to be running around all day I'm going to wear something comfy, but I always like to accessorize and throw in an unexpected element to make the outfit special.

What would be your go to outfit that screams Katie Arnold?
I own too many pairs of black skinny jeans, so probably a pair of those with ankle booties, a graphic tee, and a leather moto jacket. I love mixing high/low pieces, like throwing in some statement jewelry or pairing a nice handbag with an easy, laid back outfit. There's something unexpected and interesting about the juxtaposition.

Have any advice for others trying to make the leap of faith to chase their dreams?
DO IT. Right now. Don't try to rationalize it because dreams often make no sense and getting from point A to point B won't look how you think it should. Just be willing to do the work because nothing worth having comes easy and if it's worth having it's worth working for!

Any advice for fellow freelancers out there?
The seeds you plant may not yield results right away but keep reaching out, making connections, building your portfolio and laying groundwork. Because when the phone rings, you want to be ready!

Favorite junk food splurge?
How depressing. I can't have junk-food right now because I'm doing the Whole30 challenge! But when I'm not Whole30ing, fro-yo loaded up with toppings (especially those chocolate-filled rolled wafer cookies), is my drug of choice.

Have you always been interested in fashion and crafting? How did that come about and when did you start to notice that was blooming in you?
I've always been crafty! In Junior High, I bedazzled my pink Jansport backpack with pyramid studs. I was so punk rock.

Biggest fashion no no?
Me in high school.

Helpful tips to those of us who struggle with putting clothes together?
Be authentic! Wear what you like. Break the rules. And always choose fit over fad, meaning not all trends look good on all body types, so dress in what looks and feels best on your own unique body
Who is your hero? Why?
I have two: my mom and Topher, my long-time partner in crime. They have both relentlessly encouraged me to live my dreams and shown me my potential when I clearly didn't see it. I don't know where I would be if it weren't for both of them lovingly nudging me outside of my comfort zone!

Katie! Thank you so much for sharing with us! Keep chasing your dreams and passions. You inspire all of us to shoot for the stars, or moon rocks rather ;) Be sure to check out Katie Arnold and give her a follow on Instagram for some daily inspiration!

Contact info:
Katie Arnold
Blogger, The Style Riot
(949) 463-1236