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Guest Blogger: Brooke Kelley

Brooke Kelley is one of those women that could could turn a button, tin trashcan and old newspaper, into the most beautiful creative craft project one could ever imagine!  Using her passionate and artistic mind to teach, inspire, collaborate and create, Brooke has made it her mission in life to put her hands to work (literally), building up and blessing those around her.

While we were blessed enough to meet Brooke through our good friends at Toms Shoes... our time with her in So-Cal was short and she is now on an adventure to share her creativity throughout the states, landing in her home town of the Ozarks in Missouri!

Since we couldn't join her on the road trip (and I'm sure many of you readers won't be joining her either) we figured the next best thing would be to have her take over the blog with a photo journal of all she hits along the way!

Stay tuned as she launches with a post on her going away "art-party" at Zebra Coffee House held last weekend!

More of Brooke Kelley on her blog Vanilla Abstract