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GREEN TIP!!! Time to break up...

Our ocean is jealous of the tight relationship we have going with plastic…

Surfrider Foundation has laid it out simply with five ways to kiss single-use plastics bye bye:

1.    Stop using single-use plastic water bottles. In nearly all cases, the water out of your tap is just as safe - if not safer - than the water distributed in single-use plastic bottles. Instead, buy and use a reusable bottle and fill it with water.
2.    Whenever possible, buy food in bulk. Buying food in bulk helps to reduce the total amount of packaging materials consumed.
3.    Buy your music electronically. By purchasing your music electronically, you avoid the need to create plastic compact discs, plastic jewel cases, and cellophane wrapping.
4.    Reusable containers are rad! When it comes to lunch and leftovers, ditch the plastic bag and use reusable containers instead. Reusable containers are just as easy to use and far less harmful to the planet.
5.    Stop using plastic grocery bags. Each year over one trillion plastic bags are used worldwide. Because these bags are so light and thin, they are easily carried by the wind out into the environment.

Rise Above Plastics… because you're better than that!


Photo by the lovely Eden Advocate Amber B Dianda