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Goodbye San Clemente, it's been a good ride! By Guest Blogger Brooke Kelley

What do you get when you put Kentucky fried chicken, a banjo and a harmonica, flannels, pumpkin lattes and of course art into The Zebra House Coffee shop?? Well by golly, nothing short of the finest hootenanny hoedown one has ever shook a leg at! I could not have asked for a better turn out… unless of course Johnny Cash himself was playing the harmonica… but Moonsville Collective was definitely the next best thing!

I was left feeling so amazingly blessed and encouraged which is the exact fuel I need for the 1,724.8 mile road trip I am about to embark on! Yep, allll the waaayy to the deep thick forest of the good ol' Lake of the Ozarks! Please join me on the adventures to come, who knows what crazies can happen within 1,724.8 miles. Stay tuned for the meaning of this wild goose chase all the way to the rolling hills of Missouri... Where the size of your fish is the topic of conversation, your saturday night plans consist of cow tipping and the tea is as sweet as your next door neighbor.

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