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Welcome back to the Eden after party! Sharing more tid bits and tricks on how to recreate the decor of our Bestival Music Fest inspired party! All crafts are easy, affordable and add magical touches to any party or abode. 

Want to feel like your in preschool again by being covered in glitter and glue?! Any project that has to do with getting covered in glitter, count me in. During this project, I couldn’t help but to smile the whole time as my fingers just got more and more glitter caked onto to them. I’m still shedding the layers a week later. So that being said, if you do not like getting down and dirty with the crafts, this project is not for you, but if your like me and enjoy getting your hands a little dirty with pure joy then go for it baby!

You will need:
Modge podge
Canvas fabric or muslin
Disposable plate 

1. Take your canvas fabric and cut into desired sized strips. I did mine about one inch wide and 10 inches long.
2. Scatter your glitter all over your paper plate.
3. Dip 3 or 4 inches of your canvas strip into your modge podge, then pull your canvas strip between two fingers making sure your get all of the excess goo off.
4. Place your canvas strip onto the plate filled with glitter and try and gather as much glitter onto your glue covered ribbon as possible
5. For this next step I laid down some plastic trash bags so that I could set my glitter ribbons on top to dry.

6. Now to show off those glittering babes! To hang, I just stapled them to the top of our pop up shop made out of canvas drop clothes. You can hang them by stapling them on to a piece of sting and hanging it on your Christmas tree or through out your house or to add a little bling bling to any party!

Now you see why glitter has been named the herpes of the craft world. ..Happy crafting!!