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Fire sky... By Guest Blogger Brooke Kelley

We had come to that point in the trip where we were dangerously creeping up on the stage of “loosing our marbles” some might say. We needed to do something about that…and fast. So what better way to find our marbles again other than to drive to the Grand Canyon?!

It was a few hours out of our way but my oh my it was totally worth the extra gas and the rude gate keeper charging us 25 buckaroos to sneak a peek. We ended up cruising in right as the sky was lit on fire. We could not have asked for more impeccable timing. We stood there in awe, as nature put on a show right in front of us, for us. Watching every brush stroke of pinks and purples dance along the canyon walls, all the while holding my breath as I see it slowly creeping away and the shades of blues make there way in and take place.

As the light gradually gets sucked over the horizon we are left there in the stillness. Amazed. Inspired. And beyond all, thankful. Thankful that our earth is filled with so many wonders, so much inspiration and so much art.