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Farewell Element!

I can’t believe the time has come already for me to say goodbye to Element. My time here was short, yet extremely fulfilling. I came all the way from Wisconsin to step my foot into the action sports industry in Southern California, and I can easily say that it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, both professionally as well as personally. Out of all of the companies out there, I was so fortunate to get my experience here at Element for the past 8 weeks.

Element is a company that is working hard to make a difference in our world, by using friendlier materials and implementing more environmentally conscious practices, two things that are very important to me. What I love so much about Element is the two very different brands that branch out from under it: Element Skateboards and Eden. I had an amazing time submerging myself in the skateboarding world, meeting some of our pros and learning about how ever-changing the skateboarding industry is, all the while helping Eden, a very feminine, women’s youth-lifestyle brand who’s focus is on inspiring women to evolve and grow, by expressing themselves with their own individual styles.

I cannot thank everyone in the Element offices enough for making this experience unforgettable. A special shout-out to my mentor, Al, who has evolved to be a great influence and friend! I am excited to bring everything I’ve learned into my next chapter!

Live, learn, grow!

Xo, Sam