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13 and Under  14 and Up
1st: Isaiah Edward  1st Derek Holmes
2nd: Austin Hufenagel  2nd: Louie Heinert
   3rd: Stephen Carty & Chris Pierre Jacques


The Element Make It Count 2014 at LES park in New York City was by far one of the best yet. Hundreds of contestants came out from all over the East Coast to compete for an experience of a lifetime: a trip to the finals at The Berrics, Element Skate Camp, and a shot at an Element sponsorship! Everyone was ripping, but when all was said and done, it was Derek Holmes who took home first place and a trip to the finals. Thank you to everyone who came out to skate with us, and we'll see you at the next stop!

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Evan and his recently purchased BB gun..

hella rope.

The dudes prepare for a downstream raft voyage

Hiking in North Carolina

We got our hands on some massive sparkers...

This is a house we stayed at in Philly, it was full of amazing art and artifacts...

FDR stop!

Derek Holmes with a back 180 Nosegrind at the LES Make It Count

Evan high speed (and unexpected) back noseblunt

Todd and Donny being swarmed by the hundreds of kids trying to sign up for the contest

chipotle, hooking up the burritos as always. Good food, good people

Derek Holmes is coming to California!