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Rosemary is a beautiful thing and pretty much a wonder herb. This glorious plant fuels our bodies with more antioxidants than a jar packed full of vitamins, it improves our memory and tastes just like home, welcomed with the comfort of a cosy hug. Here at Element Eden we get creative with some very simple things you can easily source straight from the garden! Today we make Rosemary and Lavender Wreaths, they are so easy to make and look great as decoration! The combination of lavender and rosemary is so delightfully calming and who can resist the beautiful aromas of freshly picked herbs? These wreaths are pretty and very sweet. 

With a few simple steps, you’ll find yourself quite happy with a perfect little wreath! 

Enjoy xx


Words and Photos by Mia Parcell

What you will need:

• Rosemary
• Lavender
• Baby's Breath (optional)
• Cane Ring
• Floral wire
• Scissors


1. Place stems of rosemary into little bunches (i used three stems for each bunch).

2. Tie each bunch together with wire at the end of the stems.

3. With wire, attach the bunches of rosemary to the wreath, so that each bunch overlaps one another. (place bunches to bend in the same direction).

4. Add stems of lavender throughout the wreath as desired. (I also added a few buds of babys breath to lighten the wreath up).

5. hang to decorate

This beautiful wreath smells just as cosy as our lovely Eisley sweater feels.