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DIY: Shoulder Cut-Out Sweatshirt by Guest Blogger Johnie of Dirtbag Darling!

There’s nothing better than the wind on your skin (we always sleep with the windows open and drive with the car windows cracked), which is why we love early fall camp-outs when we can still show a little skin. Snip out the shoulders of this Element sweatshirt and you’ll feel the breeze but still fend off the chill.


Step 1
This has to the be the easiest DIY ever! Make a mark on your sweatshirt sleeve where the edge of your shoulder is (feel for the end of your collarbone), and another mark about halfway down your upper arm.

Step 2
Cut a straight line from the first dot to the second. Cut a half-oval on either side of your line and you’re done! Save the scraps for future projects.

Try your hand at it with the Joss fleece: AVAILABLE HERE

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