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DIY Father's Day Mug

What dad doesn't enjoy a big frosty one. Even if you haven't driven your father to drink, he'll still enjoy this fun gift.

Supplies needed:

  • Glass beer mugs - I scored some killer beer mugs at the 99 cent store
  • Vinyl
  • Etching cream
  • Exacto knife
  • Scissors

Start off by drawing your design on your vinyl. I like to use my metallic gel pens because it shows up best on the vinyl.

Using your exacto knife, carefully cut out your design.

Once cut out, place your design on your glass mug.

Make sure the vinyl is stuck down good so that you have nice, clean cut lines.

With a paintbrush, paint on a good amount of the etching cream over your design. Let stand for 7 min. Then wash off.

It takes a little while for the design to appear after you remove the etching cream. Don't freak out like I did, when you see that the cream washed off of the glass.

Remove your vinyl sticker from your mug and its good to go!

Cheers to all you gents!

The supplies you'll need!

What it looks like when you place your cut out vinyl on the glass

The finished product!

Serve to Dad full of his favorite summer time brew!