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Cut Out by Guest Blogger Erica of City Meets the Shore

Element Victoria woven...  Give an old button down or one of your favorite flannels a new twist!

Things you'll need:

Shirt of your liking.
Safety Pins
Marker/Pen (Not Shown)
Ruler (Not Shown)
Piece of paper
Needle & Thread or Sewing Machine

1. Fold the piece of paper in half and cut it to about 6 inches across in an oval shape.  Then use the safety pins to mark the points on the shirt where you're going to start cutting.  I left about 3 inches in between the collar and where I put the first safety pin. Put the piece of paper down that you cut out and use it to outline a light thin line on the fabric.  This will give you a guide for when you're cutting.

2.  After your finish cutting out the shoulder, fold about half an inch of the fabric over and safety pin it as shown above. I threw mine through a sewing machine for a cleaner line, but if you've mastered sewing by hand that works as well!

3.  Voila! The final product!  This has been one of the easiest and one of my favorite DIY's to date.  It's a great way to bring a little bit of flair back to old button downs and flannels you may have in the back of your closet.  Pair with leggings and some riding boots and you're good to go!

Erica of City Meets the Shore