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Crafternoon: Oversized Landscape Pop Art

Simple steps to create beautiful wall art and add a creative twist to a landscape scene! 

What You Will Need:

  • large blueprint photo
  • different sizes of foam pouncers
  • acrylic craft paint
  • painter's tape

Step 1: Have a picture of your favorite landscape printed as a blueprint/engineer print at Staples or Kinkos (the example is printed as 36" x 48")

Step 2: Use painter's tape to make guide lines approximately 2.5 inches apart

Step 3: Starting with the largest foam pouncer, make a series of dots gradually decreasing in size

Step 4: Once the paint has dried, carefully remove the painter's tape. Your pop art print is now ready to be hung

Thanks to A Beautiful Mess Blog for this DIY Project! Happy crafting!!