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Words by Element Eden Advocate and Girl Talk HQ Editor-in-Chief ASHA DAHYA :)

...Let’s be honest, it is the phrase that is on the tip of our tongue every Monday and every Friday - “I can’t wait for the weekend!”

We all have bills to pay, obligations to fulfill and many lists of things to accomplish, but the weekend, oh the weekend! That’s what life is truly about!

There is such a drive to be successful, accomplished and driven in today’s society that we often forget about the benefits of taking time out and unwinding.

This is why the weekend, those two glorious days, (sometimes three when there is a bonus holiday!) are vital to our wellbeing. If you read articles about habits of some of the most successful entrepreneurs or business people in the world, the one common thing they share is that they take time to take care of their bodies whether it be through exercise, eating healthy, taking time out from work and purposely relaxing.

I have to confess I am one of those Type-A personality, very driven people who is an absolute perfectionist. I love to be hard on myself, but lately I have been learning how my body and mind benefit more when I take time to relax and step away from “the grid”.

I don’t know about you but I find it hard to peel my eyes away from my computer, my phone, my streaming device or my TV. I have my own business that I run from home so it is very easy for me to not only use my week days, but my weekends to work and spend time on my computer doing business stuff. In fact I would feel guilty if I didn’t get through my to-do list that I set myself for that day. Yep I am one of those “list” people.

It wasn’t until I started to feel constantly exhausted, stressed out and not able to relax that I realized something had to change. I needed to take a time out for myself every week. The stress affected my skin, hair and even digestive system – I was not eating healthy during those stressful times.

So I started doing yoga, going for long walks, joining my boyfriend at the beach for surf days, and actually making good on all those promises to hang out with friends. I learned that taking care of my health and well-being by enjoying the weekend shouldn’t be a reason for guilt or concern that my business is going to fall apart, it was the BEST way to inject life and vitality into everything.

I now go to a mediation yoga class every Sunday night and my teacher always drops little pearls of wisdom while we are laying on our mats. She says doing this class is the best way to press reset before the busy week begins. She talks about how shutting everything out from the world, and focus only on breathing for 1 hour is like taking little vaccinations with every inhale.

When we live for the weekend, when we set aside time to read that book, sip that divine cup of tea, dip our toes in the water, laugh with friends, or simply have no set agenda, we care for ourselves in the best way possible.

Here’s to those two days being the best and most important days of the week!

Living with love and purpose.

Asha Dahya