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Artist Brooke Kelley & Rewrite Beautiful Change Lives

Rewrite Beautiful held a Street Art Workshop with our artist, Brooke Kelley. Brooke came up with the concept that though we are beautiful for our actions; creativity, kindness and strength there are elements of our brokenness that contribute to our beauty.

Women - young and old - all have been broken is some way, however, at the Rewrite Beautiful  workshop, women were able to see past the brokenness of themselves and see the inner beauty shine through when realizing beauty isn't just appearance.

The women created and decorated mirrors with bright colors, art work, and fun doo-dads along with writing onto the mirror itself stating, for example:  "I am Sophia. I am broken and beautiful. I am broken in my fear of failure. I am beautiful in that this fear drives me to never give up. I am broken and beautiful."

Beauty comes from within! Thank you Brooke for showing women to be strong and confident through brokenness.