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“MAKE IT COUNT” is a series of amateur skateboarding events throughout the world designed to seek out new talent and promote the Element message of social awareness, environmental stewardship, and positivity. The entry fee to each event is one canned food item, which is then donated to a local food bank, raising awareness of local outreach programs and encouraging competitors to donate. The format of the events is a jam-style skate contest, which takes the pressure off younger competitors and allows more experienced skaters to shine.

The overall winner at each regional event is chosen by a team of judges including an Element professional. This recipient receive an all expenses paid trip to the finals in the at Element YMCA Skate Camp near Sequoia National Park nestled in the beautiful Sierra Nevadas. The winners descend on Element Skate Camp and compete, ultimately one winner is crowded champion and a years sponsorship by Element. The group of finalists then travels to Los Angeles, CA for a day at The Berrics, a private skatepark ran and frequented by top professionals in skateboarding. This prize of an experience rather than a traditional cash purse leaves the participants with unforgettable memories, a taste of cultures from around the world, and a nefound vision for a career in skateboarding. This is truly the experience of a lifetime. 


See below for full MAKE IT COUNT international schedule:


United States Brazil
Feb 9th - Los Angeles, CA (RESULTS & VIDEO) Mar 9th - Rio De Janeiro (VIDEO & PHOTOS)
  Apr 27th - Porto Alegre (RESULTS & PHOTOS)
Feb 16th - Phoenix, AZ (RESULTS & VIDEO) June 15th - FINALS - Sao Paulo (FLYER)
Mar 2nd - Central Coast, CA (RESULTS & VIDEO)  
Mar 16th - Florence, KY (RESULTS & VIDEO) Apr 20th - Fukushima (VIDEO & PHOTOS)
  May 25th - Mie (VIDEO & PHOTOS)
Apr 6th - Minneapolis, MN (RESULTS & VIDEO) Jun 8th - Tokyo (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

May 4th - Bethlehem, PA (RESULTS & VIDEO)

  Apr 6th - Stockholm, Sweden (RESULTS & VIDEO)
May 11th - Virginia Beach, CA (RESULTS & VIDEO) Apr 13th - Edegem, Belgium (RESULTS & VIDEO)
  Apr 14th - Zürich, Switzerland (RESULTS & VIDEO)
May 19thJacksonville, FL (RESULTS & PHOTOS) Apr 14th - Villiers-sur-Orges, France (RESULTS & VIDEO)
  Apr 20th - Bochum, Germany (RESULTS & VIDEO)
May 25th - Baton Rouge, LA (RESULTS & PHOTOS) May 4th - Lisbon, Portugal (RESULTS & VIDEO)
  May 11th - Nottingham, UK (RESULTS & VIDEO)
 Jun 15th - Ft. Collins, CO (FLYER) May 11th - Madrid, Spain (RESULTS & VIDEO)
  May 25th - Helsinki, Finland(RESULTS & VIDEO)
Canada May 26th - Brescia, Italy (RESULTS & VIDEO)
Jun 8th - Cochrane, AB (PHOTOS & VIDEO) May 26th - Amsterdam, Netherlands (RESULTS & VIDEO)
Jun 22nd - Burlington, ON (PHOTOS VIDEO) Jun 14th - Skien, Norway (RESULTS & VIDEO)
Jul 6th - Brossard, QC (PHOTOS & VIDEO) Jun 23rd - Oslo, Norway European Finals (RESULTS & VIDEO)
Jul 27th - Global Fianls Sequoia Lake, CA