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Ray Barbee

Ray Barbee Tiara for Computer

In celebration of Ray Barbee’s latest studio album “Tiara For Computer”, Element extended the family tree to partner with both Ray and his legendary Producer/Artist/Friend Thomas Campbell to create shapes and art for this series of boards.

Tiara For Computer is like nothing we’ve every heard from Ray. New tempos, melodies, and lots of synthesizers. "This is Ray’s record for exploring synthesis,” says Thomas Campbell. "The art is fitting because the ideas and melodies on this album are really free and loose."

Ray added, “I've always had a desire to learn how synthesizers work. The analog ones are way more intuitive, it kind of reminds me of the attention you would have riding a skateboard…you’re just in it.”

A new exploration into sound met with board shapes and art. Each of these boards are a limited edition, and available only here and at your local skate shop.


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